ReveD Aluminum Rear Hub Carrier Set

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ReveD / RD-012 / Aluminum Rear Hub Carrier Set


ReveD / RD-012 / Aluminum Rear Hub Carrier Set

We are excited to introduce our new aluminum rear hub carrier that can be set according to the rear weight of your machine!
The new optional parts enable you to adjust the roll center by offering two outer suspension pin positions, it’s now possible to find the best set-up according to the rear weight of the machine.

Outer pin upper hole
Lowering the roll center triggers more roll, making it easier to gain lateral grip even on machines with low rear weight.

Outer pin lower hole
Raising the roll center, excessive roll is suppressed even on machines with
* The lower suspension arm may touch depending on the shape of the wheel to be installed. In that case, make adjustments to the wheel with lightly sanding the part that hits it.

The hub carrier body has an innovative grooved design that gives it both rigidity and supple ness in the right places, dramatically improving traction and performance.
By making the upper arm mounting plate a two-piece structure with optimised link positions, it is possible to fine tune the roll center even further and enables the use of future optional
development parts (please expect many more!)
Try this aluminum rear hub carrier for improved rear traction!

Assembly Instructions
※Click the image to open an enlarged version.

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