RevolRC RCKUYD210BK-PR - ULTIM8 Conversion Kit (Limited Edition) for YD-2

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RCKUYD210BK-PR - ULTIM8 Conversion Kit (Limited Edition) for YD-2

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This last LIMITED EDITIONS include special features (for limited version only):

Serial Numbered
Engraved Carbom Bottom Plate

Product Description:


  • Aluminium parts are instrument/tool grade quality. Precision CNC-machined and anodised for durability and true color
  • Carbon fiber parts are high quality matte black carbon twill
  • Laser etched scale markings for easy adjustment
  • Tolerance critical machining is done after anodising to acquire best possible accuracy

Bottom Deck:

  • True 3mm matte carbon twill
  • Designed for optimal rigidity and controlled flexibility for best performance on all surfaces
  • Tilted ventilation holes drive air from under the car to the motor for extra cooling
  • Equipped with two sets of toe block holes to accommodate YD-2 specific front lower control arms and industry standard type arms

Upper Decks:

  • Double (2+2) vertical upper decks provide the best versatility for varying surfaces. With two decks of 1,5mm thickness and two decks of 2,5mm thickness one can have three different basic setups of torsional rigidity 1.5mm, 2.5mm and 4mm when combined
  • Two torsion support beams and adjustable spacing you can easily fine-tune for the smoothest concrete to stickiest carpet

Rear Bulk:

  • Built in upper control arm height adjustment in 1mm increments
  • 7 positions for camber link attachment
  • Fast on-the-fly differential change to rear with only two screws
  • 3mm carbon fiber motor plate for vibration control

Front Bulk:

  • Built in caster adjustment in 1mm increments
  • Built in upper control arm / roll center adjustment in 1mm increments
  • Built in Ackerman adjustment
  • Limitless amount of steering arm angle and position adjustment variations
  • Adjustable direct drive servo mount


  • True 4mm matte carbon twill
  • Height adjustable
  • 7 mounting positions for front shocks
  • 11mounting positions for rear shocks


  • Unique, patents pending direct drive steering arrangement
  • One single steering plate directly attached to servo eliminating all unsymmetry of linkages and reducing play and slack dramatically also in extended use
  • Additional possibility to use alternative steering arrangement to enable ratios with one additional link

Battery Tray:

  • Aluminum / Carbon fiber
  • 3 mounting positions
  • Easy battery change mechanism
  • Accommodates standard and shorty battery pack


  • In addition to parts shown in these pictures, the kit also includes kit-specific screws

The vehicle and parts shown in these pictures is either an illustration or a pre-production model - actual details may vary

Just take a second to check all the finer details of this beast and see why it is called The Ultim8 Kit - no bells and whistles - only hardcore drivability


Teaser video of the Ultim8 kit:

Feature introduction of the Ultim8 kit (by Lead Designer Marcus Weckman):

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