WRAP-UP Next 0255-FD - VX Rear Suspension Set Ver.3 3mm - Red

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0255-FD - VX Rear Suspension Set Ver.3 3mm - Red

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WRAP-UP Next 0255-FD - VX Rear Suspension Set Ver.3 3mm - Red

The latest version of the famous WRAP-UP Next VX suspension. Now it compatible with both the lever ration spec and standard spec.

The rear hub is designed asymmetrical. This allows you to reverse them and give you the options of mounting you stock on the wheel hub or on the suspension arm by simply reversing the hubs left and right.

The most unique benefit of the VX Suspension is off-course when you mount the shock directly on the wheel hub. This gives the shock a 1:1 ration with your wheel movement and makes your shock more efficient and direct.
The new structure gives you a lot of options to fine-tune the setup. The suspension pin can be mounted in 3 x 6 is 18 different options. Also the track wide if the arm is adjustable by using spacers (Stainless Steel Multi Extension for Type-C are advised)
So you can really fine tune this suspension arm to get maximum traction and stability out of your shocks.

The wheel hubs have been designed to work with both 1060 bearing (Drift Package standard) and the 1050 (3mm wide) bearing. So its compatible with both Φ5mm en Φ6mm universal drive shafts.
Please use stainless steel shim (0257-FD - Shim Set φ6mm x φ8mm) when you use 6mm universal drive shaft to fill the gap on the side.

The knuckles have also attachment holes to mount wheel weights and accessories like brake calipers attachments.

The VE Suspension arms uses resin bushes to fit both 2.5mm and 3mm suspension pins. Inside the package is only 1 type. But replacement are available to fit other chassis or as replacement.

Recommended / replacement parts:

  • 0257-FD - Shim Set φ6mm x φ8mm (0.1mm / 0.2mm ) (10pcs each)
  • 0256-FD - Suspension Pin for VX Rear Suspension (2pcs)
  • 0036-29 - Spare Bush 3mm for Y-Arm / VX Suspension - Black (4pcs)
  • 0036-28 - Spare Bush 2.5mm for Y-Arm / VX Suspension - White (4pcs)
  • 0036-## - Stainless Steel Multi Extension for Type-C (different sizes available)
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