ReveD ASL Aluminium Lightweight Front Lower Arm for RWD

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ReveD / RD-002 / ASL Aluminium Lightweight Front Lower Arm for RWD

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ReveD / RD-002 / ASL Aluminium Lightweight Front Lower Arm for RWD

Lightweight & stylish!
ASL (Aluminum Super Light) Front Lower Arm is available now!

The new front lower arm has as much material removed as possible from each part to obtain both ultralight and high rigidity.
Front grip and rolling speed is dramatically improved.
Attaching the hub using a clamping design, with a turnbuckle, enables fine detailed adjustment of the arm length, which was previously difficult to achieve!


  • Front Lower Arm (L/R 1pc each)
  • Cap screws for clump M2 x 5mm (2pcs)

Spare parts
In case of missing cap screws, spares are in avail:
RC-001 / M2 x 5mm Cap Screw (4pcs)

Please use high-strength turnbuckles and set screws used for the arm part, such as made of iron or titanium.
If you use a low-strength product such as Aluminum, it may be damaged in the event of a crash, and if it is damaged, some of the screws may remain inside the lower arm and cannot be removed.

Instruction Manual
Please check the details in referring the instruction manual in below
Click the picture for opening the manual


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