Yokomo RP-106 - Racing Performer Ultra PTFE Teflon Oil

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RP-106 - Racing Performer Ultra PTFE Teflon Oil

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RP-106 - Racing Performer Ultra PTFE Teflon Oil

Our Racing Performer Brand will launch two new lubricating oils. These oils can be
used for different materials and parts. ULTRA Bearing Oil is applied to sliding parts
between metals, such as bearings and universal joints, ULTRA Teflon Oil is the best to
sliding parts between metal and resin, between resins and between rubber parts, such as
inside the gear box and around the suspension and between resins and rubber.

ULTRA Teflon Oil is a product blended with fluorocarbon resin named PTFE
(polytetrafluoroethylene) which has a minimum friction coefficient and is very
compatible with plastic and rubber parts. For a radio-controlled car, it is most suitable
for the gear drive around the differential which is a movable part where resin parts and
metal parts join and the suspension operating part. In addition, because of its good
compatibility with rubber products, it is possible to lower the frictional resistance with
the O-ring by applying it thinly on the shaft of the oil shock, resulting in a smoother
damper operation.

Since both products are packed in needle-nozzle typed containers, you can easily inject
in even small parts. Since Teflon oil essence easily precipitates in status, please shake
the container well before you use it. Each contains 8ml.

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