ReveD Rear A-Arm Conversion Set for MC-1

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ReveD / M1-RAC / Rear A-Arm Conversion Set for MC-1

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ReveD / M1-RAC / Rear A-Arm Conversion Set for MC-1

Introducing the rear A-arm conversion set for the MC-1!

This conversion set enables total setup freedom for the rear end!
Track width, camber angle, caster angle, roll center and lastly it’s possible to fine tune the toe and the bump toe angle change throughout the suspension stroke.
You can try various settings according to the road surface conditions, layout of the course and driving style.

Please try the rear A arm conversion set that brings out the monster performance of the MC-1 even more!


  • Alu. Rear Lower Arm (1pc each for left and right)
  • Alu. Rear Lower Arm Plate (2pcs)
  • Alu. Rear Upper Arm (Built-in ball bearing, 1pc each for left and right)
  • Alu. Rear Upper Arm Mount (1pc each for left and right)
  • Alu. Rear Knuckle (2pcs)
  • Alu. Rear Knuckle Plate (2pcs)
  • Alu. Suspension Mount RF type #3 (1pc)
  • Alu. Suspension Mount #3 (1pc)
  • High Rigidity Upper Arm Pins (2pcs)
  • Lightweight POM Spacers (0.5mm thickness x 4 pcs, 1.0mm thickness x 4 pcs, 2.0mm thickness x 2 pcs)
  • Alu. Thin M3 Nylon nut (2pcs)
  • Turnbuckles M3/M4 16mm (2pcs)
  • Turnbuckles M3/M4 24mm (2pcs)
  • Alu. Spacers (Φ3 x Φ6 x 0.5mm) (2pcs)
  • Alu. Spacers (Φ3 x Φ6 x 2.0mm) (4pcs)
  • Alu. Spacers (Φ3 x Φ6 x 3.0mm) (6pcs)
  • M2 x 5mm Cap Screws (2pcs)
  • M2 x 8mm Cap Screws (4pcs)
  • Molded Ball Caps (1pc)
  • Molded Suspension Mount Bushings (2pc)
  • Assembly Instructions (1sheet)
  • Development View/Parts List (1sheet)

M1-RAC development view
* Please see the development view in below for the parts and part numbers included in the M1-RAC.

Dedicated parts for M1-RAC

Image Product Name
M1-RA-01L Alu. Rear Lower Arm(Left)for M1-RAC
M1-RA-01R Alu. Rear Lower Arm(Right)for M1-RAC
M1-RA-01P Alu. Rear Lower Arm Plate for M1-RAC
M1-RA-02L M1-RAC Alu. Rear Upper Arm Mount(Left)
M1-RA-02R M1-RAC Alu. Rear Upper Arm Mount(Right)
M1-RA-03L Alu. Rear Upper Arm(Left)for M1-RAC
M1-RA-03R Alu. Rear Upper Arm(Right)for M1-RAC
M1-RA-04 Rear Upper Arm Pin Set for M1-RAC
M1-RA-05 Alu. Rear Knuckle for M1-RAC
M1-RA-05P Alu. Rear Knuckle Plate for M1-RAC
M1-RA-T20 M1-RAC Ti M3/M4 Turnbuckle(20mm)
M1-RA-T25 M1-RAC Ti M3/M4 Turnbuckle(25mm)
M1-RA-T30 M1-RAC Ti M3/M4 Turnbuckle(30mm)
RD-207 Molded Ball Cap(S/M/L, 4pcs each)
RD-300RF2 Alu. Suspension Mount(RF type)#2(42.8~46.0mm)
RD-300RF3 Alu. Suspension Mount(RF type)#3(46.4~49.6mm)

General suspension mount

Image Product Name
RD-300-1 Alu. Suspension Mount #1(39.2~42.4mm)
RD-300-2 Alu. Suspension Mount #2(42.8~46.0mm)
RD-300-3 Alu. Suspension Mount #3(46.4~49.6mm)
RD-300-4 Alu. Suspension Mount #4(50.0~53.2mm)
RD-300-5 Alu. Suspension Mount #5(53.6~56.8mm)
RD-300-6 Alu. Suspension Mount #6(57.2~60.4mm)
RD-300-7 Alu. Suspension Mount #7(60.8~64.0mm)
RD-300-BS Molded Suspension Bushings

General-purpose Titanium turnbuckle

Image Product Name
RT-TB16 SPM Titanium Turnbuckles(16mm)
RT-TB20 SPM Titanium Turnbuckles(20mm)
RT-TB24 SPM Titanium Turnbuckles(24mm)
RT-TB28 SPM Titanium Turnbuckles(28mm)
RT-TB32 SPM Titanium Turnbuckles(32mm)
RT-TB36 SPM Titanium Turnbuckles(36mm)
RT-TB40 SPM Titanium Turnbuckles(40mm)

Other General-purpose products

Image Product Name
RC-A3605 Alu. Spacers(φ3×φ6×0.5mm)
RC-A3610 Alu. Spacers(φ3×φ6×1.0mm)
RC-A3615 Alu. Spacers(φ3×φ6×1.5mm)
RC-A3620 Alu. Spacers(φ3×φ6×2.0mm)
RC-A3630 Alu. Spacers(φ3×φ6×3.0mm)
RC-001 M2×5 Cap Screw
RC-C28 M2×8 Cap Screw
RT-004 SPM Titanium M2×5mm Cap Screw
RT-C28 SPM Titanium M2×8mm Cap Screw
RT-006SS SPM Titanium Rod End Ball SS
RC-006S SPM Titanium Rod End Ball S
RC-006M SPM Titanium Rod End Ball M
RT-006L SPM Titanium Rod End Ball L


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